Humidifier Tips

Man and girl cleaning humidifier together at sink

Clean Your Humidifier Regularly

Remember to rinse the tank daily and follow the instructions regarding cleaning to ensure that the humidifier stays free of mold or bacteria.

Safe Keeping

Humidifiers should be placed on a firm, flat, waterproof surface at least four feet away from bedside and out of the reach of small children with the power cord out of the way to prevent the humidifier from being tipped over.

Don't Over Humidify

Moisture in the air is good, but too much isn’t. If you start to see condensation on the windows or the air feels damp, it’s time to turn your moisturizing efforts down a notch. Try using a humidity monitor to help monitor your indoor humidity levels. A comfortable and optimal humidity level is between 40-60%. Studies have even shown that keeping indoor air at a Relative Humidity level of 40-60% reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air.*

Add Vicks Soothing Vapors

Adding vapors to your humidification efforts can not only bring back that special aroma from your own childhood, but will also provide soothing scent that will give your child an extra dose of comfort.

Vicks VapoPads®

Vicks VapoPads provide up to 8 hours of comfort and non-medicated vapors per pad. VapoPads can be used with most brands of plug-in and waterless vaporizers. They are available in two scents: Menthol or Rosemary and Lavender.

Vicks VapoSteam®

Vicks VapoSteam produces medicated steam that helps to relieve coughs from colds when added to a Hot Steam Vaporizer or Warm Mist Humidifier.

Hard Water and "White Dust"

The tap water you use in your filter-free cool mist humidifier (also known as ultrasonic humidifier) may have a high mineral content, especially if you live in hard water areas. The minerals in the water exit the humidifier in the form of “white dust”. Use a Demineralization Cartridge to help capture the minerals before they are released into the air and settle on surfaces.

Filter Care

If you are using a filtered cool moisture humidifier, to prolong the life of your wicking filter, turn it over each time you fill the water tank to help the filter age more evenly. It is recommended that you change your wicking filter every 30-60 days depending on water quality and usage. If you have hard water, you may need to replace your filter more frequently. Change your filter if you notice:

  • The filter is hard and crusty
  • The filter starts to give off an odor
  •  Moisture output is decreased

Essential Oils

Do not put essential oils in the tank of any humidifier as the oils can damage the humidifier and void the warranty. Only water should be put in the tank of the humidifier. With most humidifiers, adding essential oils to the tank can breakdown the tank plastic and ruin the internal parts of the humidifiers. As an alternative, use Vicks VapoPads and Vicks VapoSteam with select humidifiers to get soothing Vicks vapors.

*A study by Environmental Health and Engineering (Environmental Health 2010, 9:55) shows that keeping air at relative humidity levels between 40-60% can reduce survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. Humidifiers can help achieve and maintain this humidity level.