Protec Demineralization Cartridge


The Demineralization Cartridge is placed in the bottom of the humidifier and helps to filter the water and remove large particles and minerals so that they are not misted into the air with the water.

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    The tap water you use in your ultrasonic humidifier may have a high mineral content, especially if you live in hard water areas. The minerals in the water can exit the humidifier in the form of "white dust". Using the Protec Demineralization Cartridge may help capture the minerals before they are released into the air and settle on surfaces.

    For best results, replace as necessary (every 2-4 weeks, or 15-30 fillings under normal use) or when the humidifier has not been run for an extended period of time.

    SKU: PDC51
    For Use In: V4600, V5100 and VUL575

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