Vicks Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier (VUL900)

The Vicks Embrace Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to quietly provide visible cool mist and comforting cough and cold relief. This filter free humidifier has a built-in nebulizer that quietly vibrates the water at an ultrasonic frequency, breaking the water droplets into a fine, cool mist that you can see and feel. The mist helps reduce respiratory and dry air discomforts by increasing humidity levels to help you breathe better and sleep more comfortably.

  • Question: How do I set up/install my Vicks® Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier?

    Answer: Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up your Vicks Embrace. You can also view the How to Clean video under the Vicks Embrace™ Cool Mist Humidifier product page Video tab.
    Vicks Humidifiers & Thermometers YouTube: How to Use.

    • Remove packaging materials.
    • Remove twist tie and extend power cord.
    • Place on a firm, level, water resistant surface a minimum of 12" (30cm) from any walls. Mist should be directed away from any walls, bedding and furniture.
  • Question: How do I turn on or reset the Vicks Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier?

    Answer: Place on a firm water-resistant surface and plug in. Open the lid and fill the Tank with cool water. If preferred, you can remove the Tank and fill at the sink. There is a Power Recess on the base. Press the Power Recess.

    Situation Reset Light How to Reset
    No power No light Fill Tank. Plug in. Press Power Recess on the base.
    Power icon illuminates White Indicates normal operation. No action necessary.
    Reservoir water is low Amber Fill Tank. Plug in. Press Power Recess to reset.
    I refilled Tank and light did not change Amber Power Off, then On.
    Or remove and replace the Tank (must contain water).
    Tank is not set in place properly, or Water Tank has been removed Amber Remove and replace the Tank (must contain water). Line up the Chimney and Nozzle to the VICKS logo for proper placemen
    Is there a light for
    Mineral buildup on heating element
      See cleaning instructions. Natural occurring minerals in water, called scale, have built up on your nebulizer. Follow descaling instructions.
  • Question: Why does the Vicks Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier automatically shut off?

    Answer: There are two situations in which your humidifier will automatically shot off. An auto-shutoff safety feature turns the unit off when empty. Additionally, the Auto Mode provides ideal humidity. Once the humidity level reaches 60% the unit will quit producing mist, and the blue humidity reached checkmark icon will illuminate. Embrace will continue to monitor the surrounding humidity level and re-start when humidity falls out of the optimal 40% - 60% humidity range.

  • Question: Why is 40% - 60% the optimal relative humidity (RH) level when using my humidifier?

    Answer: Vicks Humidifiers at 40% - 60%RH enhances indoor air quality to help improve breathing. Relieves dryness of skin. Relieves chapped lips. Relieves dry eyes. And may even help relieve allergy fare ups. You breathe better and sleep more comfortably. Beyond 60% is considered over humidification.

  • Question: How do I manually set the humidity level on my Vicks Embrace Cool Mist humidifier?

    Answer: You can toggle between the mist settings with the Mist Control icon Auto -> Low -> Medium -> High -> Auto. To set your humidity level, toggle away from "Auto". You may set your humidifier between 30- 69%. Your humidifier will come to you in Auto Mode with a humidity target of 60%. When humidity is low, Embrace will use the Turbo Mist feature automatically in Auto Mode. When humidity reaches 60%, Embrace will stop producing mist while continuing to monitor the humidity level around the device.

  • Question: Why does my humidifier read "Lo" or "High"?

    Answer: You may set your humidifier between 30% - 69% with the Manual Mist Control icons. If your humidifier reads "LO" the humidity level in the space has dropped below 30%. If your humidifier displays "HI" the humidity level has increased above 69%. Adjust the humidity for your comfort.

  • Question: How do I set the timer to program my humidifier to turn off after a certain number of hours?

    Answer: The timer feature allows you to program the humidifier to turn off after a specified amount of time, in one-hour intervals. The timer is ON when the indicator above the Timer icon is illuminated in white. The Humidity Control arrows are used to increase or decrease the number of hours you would like to keep the humidifier running. To turn the timer OFF, touch and hold the Timer icon for 2 seconds, or use the Humidity Control to decrease the time setting to zero. Pressing the power button or unplugging the humidifier will also rest the timer to 'off'.

  • Question: How do I use the Light?

    Answer: To turn the Panel Light Off, touch the light bulb. The Power icon will remain illuminated as a reminder that the device is still on. To turn the panel lights back ON, touch the panel.

  • Question: Why is the humidity displaying an unusually high number?

    Answer: Your air filter, located in the back of the unit behind the screen, may have gotten wet. Remove the filter and pat dry with a towel or cloth.

  • Question: Can Vicks VapoSteam and Essential Oils be used in Vicks Embrace?

    Answer: No. Only use water in your tank. Other liquid inhalants, essential oils or additives can have adverse effects on the tank and void the warranty. Instead, Vicks VapoPads with soothing essential oil vapors can be used in the VapoPad Door.

  • Question: How do I use Vicks VapoPads with the Vicks Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier

    Answer: Your humidifier can be used with 2 Vicks VapoPads to provide up to 8 hours of soothing vapors. To use your unit with Vicks VapoPads:

    1. Open VapoPad Door.
    2. Open VapoPad by tearing notch on pad bag. DO NOT touch the pad with your hands. If the pad is touched DO NOT rub your face or eyes as it may cause irritation.
    3. Insert Vicks VapoPad with angled end facing towards the product. Up to two VapoPads can be inserted. Close door.
    4. After 8 hours, discard the scent pad(s).

    To continue using scent pads, repeat steps 1-4.


    • Not recommended for infants under 10 lbs (4.5 kg).
    • For children between 10-22 lbs (4.5-10 kg) do not use more than 2 pads in a 24 hr period. Sample VapoPad ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Glycol, Cedar Leaf Oil & Others.

    NOTE: ALWAYS reference VapoPad packaging for recommended usage instructions and warnings.

  • Question: Why is there white dust?

    Answer: With an ultrasonic humidifier, a built-in nebulizer vibrates the water at ultrasonic frequency which causes the water droplets to break into a fine, cool mist that you can see. Naturally occurring minerals in your water get projected out with the mist and can settle around the unit in the form of white dust. In hard water areas, we recommend using demineralization cartridges with your ultrasonic humidifier to capture minerals in the water and to help reduce white dust on surfaces.

  • Question: Power is ON and light is white but little or no mist is produced. What now?

    Answer: First, turn up the humidity mist level using the Mist Control icon. If that does not work, perhaps your Tank or Water Reservoir were washed with detergent. If so, rinse thoroughly with clean water until there is no smell of cleaning solution. Finally, and most commonly, there are mineral deposits in your Water Reservoir on the nebulizer. Minerals are naturally occurring in water and need to be cleaned with a process called Scale Removal. See cleaning instructions.

  • Question: How do I clean my Vicks Embrace Cool Mist humidifier?


    To keep your humidifier running efficiently, clean it regularly. Weekly cleaning is recommended. All maintenance should be done on a water-resistant surface near a faucet. To properly clean your humidifier, we recommend the separate processes of Scale Removal and Disinfecting. These two processes must be performed separately.

    Vicks Humidifiers YouTube: How to Clean.

    Instructions for Scale Removal

    1. Pour 2 cups of undiluted, distilled white vinegar into the Water Reservoir.
    2. Pour 1 cup of undiluted, distilled white vinegar into the Water Tank, to cover the bottom of the Tank. Gently swish vinegar around in the Tank. Place Tank on Base.
    3. Allow the vinegar to remain in Water Reservoir and Tank for 20 minutes. The vinegar will loosen mineral buildup on the Nebulizer, Water Reservoir, and underside of the Tank.
    4. After soaking, remove the Tank and empty vinegar from the Water Reservoir and Tank into the sink. With a soft cloth, wipe the Nebulizer, Water Reservoir, and the underside of the Tank to remove mineral buildup.
    5. Rinse Water Reservoir, inside of Tank and underside of Tank with water until the smell of vinegar is gone. When rinsing Reservoir, avoid getting water into any other openings on the Base.

    CAUTION: DO NOT submerge Base in water. Doing so will damage the humidifier and void the warranty.
    NOTE: When the humidifier is unplugged, placing the Tank on the Base will not drain the vinegar from the Tank into the Water Reservoir. Power is required to activate the mechanism that releases water from the Tank into the Water Reservoir. The vinegar added to the Tank will need to be poured out of the Tank.
    DO NOT attempt to run the unit with vinegar.


    Instructions for Disinfecting

    Before beginning disinfection, follow Steps 1-2 in "Before Cleaning" section (previous page).
    NOTE: Bleach may stain clothes. It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves during the disinfection process to protect your hands.

    1. Add 1 tsp. of bleach to 1 gallon (3.8L) of water. Fill the Water Reservoir with part of the solution, about 2 cups. Pour the rest of the solution into Tank. Close Tank lid. Gently swish solution around in Tank. Place Tank on Base.
      NOTE: DO NOT use more than 1 tsp. of bleach per gallon of water; using more bleach may result in damage to your humidifier.
    2. Allow the bleach solution to remain in Tank and Water Reservoir for 20 minutes.
    3. Carefully empty solution from the Water Reservoir and the Tank into sink.
    4. Rinse Tank and Water Reservoir with water until the smell of bleach is gone. When rinsing Water Reservoir, avoid getting water into any other openings on the Base.

    NOTE: DO NOT mix vinegar and bleach solution together. Scale Removal and Disinfecting must be done separately.

    Air Filter Cleaning

    It is recommended that when you disinfect your unit, you also inspect the Air Filter and clean if needed using the following instructions:

    1. Turn OFF and unplug the humidifier.
    2. Remove the Air Filter door by pushing the locking tab on the right side of the door toward the center of the unit and gently pulling outward.
    3. Remove black Air Filter by lifting it out from the door.
    4. Rinse Air Filter under cold water.
    5. Blot Air Filter dry with a paper towel. Ensure Air Filter is completely dry before reinstalling. If it is damp, it will affect the humidity sensor.
    6. When returning Air Filter to door, ensure filter is full seated.
    7. Reattach Air Filter door by placing the alignment-tabs first, and then snapping the locking tab in place as the door closes.

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