Top Tips To Help Survive Cold And Flu Season |

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Top Tips To Help Survive Cold And Flu Season

Cold and Flu Survival Guide

Cold And Flu Survival Guide

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Wash your hands!

Getting hands clean requires washing them with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds - that's about 2 renditions of 'Happy Birthday.'

Wash hands to help prevent flu


Hydration Nation

Though staying hydrated is always important, its especially critical if you feel a cold coming on. Water, along with non-caffeinated liquids will help loosen congestion.

Stay hydrated to help prevent flu


Don't be Afraid of the Dark

It's common for kids to be fearful of sleeping in dark bedrooms. Not only does the Vicks Starry night Humidifier add essential moisture to the air helping to keep little noses clear, it also projects stars on the ceiling.

Starry night humidifier used to help prevent flu


Splish, Splash Take A Bath!

Fever is often one of the first signs of illness. You can temporarily cool off the body by using a cool washcloth on the forehead or taking a tepid or lukewarm bath.

Taking a lukewarm bath