Humidity Monitor

Humidity Monitor

The Vicks Healthcheck hygrometer displays a rooms temperature and humidity level to help provide information you need to control your environment.

  • Extra-large display
  • Accurately displays the temperature and humidity level
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius option
  • Mercury free battery included
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As cold temperatures set in, humidity levels drop. Cold air is unable to hold as much moisture as warm air. Because of this, when we heat our home the relative humidity level can drop as low as 10%. This is drier than the Sahara Desert and can contribute to drier skin, as well as nose and throat discomfort. It can also cause static electricity, and plants and furniture to dry it. Some people experience discomfort when humidity levels are lower than 25%. A comfortable humidity should be between 40-60%.

Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels Helps Provide these benefits:

  • Using a humidifier to maintain indoor humidity levels between 40-60% can reduce the survival of flu viruses on the surface and in the air
  • Helps keep throat and nasal passages hydrated: Helps you breath and sleep more comfortably
  • Helps provide temporarily relief of dry air discomfort
  • Helps protect furniture

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