Benefits of Using a Sinus Inhaler

Clogged sinuses, post-nasal drip and a congested cough are something that you and your family might be all too familiar with. But whether you experience congestion with seasonal allergies or when you come down with a cold, there is help! For targeted, natural relief from your congested sinuses and cough, try a Vicks sinus inhaler.

What a sinus inhaler does

A sinus inhaler is like a personal, warm-steam humidifier. The ergonomic design of the mask allows the sinus inhaler to deliver soothing steam directly to your nose and throat, where the added moisture helps calm irritation and break up congestion. This means that you get fast, effective relief from your cold and allergy symptoms.

Benefits of a sinus inhaler

With a sinus inhaler, you’re using the natural power of steam to help ease your stuffy nose and cough.

  • All-natural, non-medicated steam therapy – no pills to swallow.
  • You can feel the soothing relief quickly in your nose, throat and chest.
  • Treatment is fast and easy: just 5-minute to 15-minute sessions of breathing over the inhaler.

For extra relief, add Vicks VapoPads to your sinus inhaler – the Vicks menthol vapors that you love will provide an even-more-soothing experience.

How to use a sinus inhaler

A Vicks sinus inhaler is simple to use. There are no filters to change, and you can fill the water chamber with plain tap water. After filling the water chamber, simply turn on the unit. In about 6 minutes, the inhaler will begin producing steam. You can adjust the amount of steam by turning the easy-to-use controls. Then just lean your face over the mask and start breathing in the warm, comforting relief!

For complete instructions on using and cleaning your sinus inahler, see the Vicks Sinus Inhaler owner’s manual.

So the next time you or your family feel stuffy or sniffly, reach for a sinus inhaler first – it can provide you with natural, fast, soothing relief from your congestion. Your nose will thank you!