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What’s Really Happening to Your Body During Allergy Season
Who doesn’t look forward to pleasant spring days after winter’s chill? You might not if […]
The 3 Scents That Soothe Almost Everyone (You Probably Can’t Guess All 3)
Whether you’re fighting a cold, feeling stressed out, or simply looking for ways to make […]
Vicks VapoRub, VapoSteam, or VapoPads: Which Is Right for You?
Common cold got you coughing? Minor aches and pains courtesy of the flu? Quick-acting, long-lasting […]
The Most Underrated Hack for Soothing Kids With Colds
Your kid has a cold. A real one, not an “I-don’t-think-I-should-go-to-school-today-cough-cough” cold. Poor kid. You’ll […]
Kids Home Sick? Here’s the One Drugstore Purchase You Need ASAP
When one or more of your kids catch whatever bug is going around this week, […]
Why You Should Add a Humidifier to Your Self-Care Routine
To avoid stress and burnout in your life, it’s important to practice self-care. Although self-care […]
Cleaning Your Humidifier
To keep your humidifier running efficiently, clean it regularly. Weekly cleaning is recommended. To properly […]
Benefits of Using a Sinus Inhaler
Clogged sinuses, post-nasal drip and a congested cough are something that you and your family […]
Calming Allergy Symptoms
Humidifiers and Sinus Inhalers: Calming Allergy Symptoms Down Year Round Sneeze. Cough. Rub itchy eyes. […]
Essential Items For Your Sick Child
Picture this: The sun is up, you wake up refreshed, and you even packed your work […]
Skin Benefits of Using a Humidifier
People are doing whatever it takes to get healthy, glowing skin. But did you know […]