Essential Items For Your Sick Child

Picture this: The sun is up, you wake up refreshed, and you even packed your work lunch last night. Your morning is on point. You head to wake up your little one and suddenly, you suspect they’ve got a fever. When your child gets sick (as they do!), it’ll be A LOT easier if you’re already prepared. There will be plenty of schedules to juggle, meetings to move and favors to be filled; there’s no need to add to the chaos of a sick day.

Here’s where Vicks can help you be ready for the 6-10 colds your child is likely to get this year. We’ve put together this handy “Sick Kid Checklist” so you can get those ‘off the rails’ mornings back on track, fast.

A reliable digital thermometer

It’s important to get an accurate temperature, quickly. With a Vicks RapidRead Thermometer you’ll get a reading in as fast as 2 seconds. There’s a selection of Vicks Thermometers, each with their own special features (like the ComfortFlex with a flexible tip!)

Comforting humidity

Having a warm or cool mist humidifier going is an easy, natural way to help alleviate your little one’s cough, cold, and flu symptoms. Humidity can even shorten the life span of the flu virus on surfaces when humidity is at an ideal level of 40%-60% (easy to keep tabs on with a humidity monitor).

Favorite “sick” foods

Whether it’s a frozen batch of grandma’s chicken soup, canned broth, or graham crackers, having easy-on-the-belly foods in the house at all times will save you a last-minute trip to the store.


It’s common knowledge that staying hydrated is key for fighting colds and flu. And there are a lot of ways to do it. Frozen popsicles, natural juices, and ginger ale are kid favorites that are easy to store. Drinks that replenish electrolytes and those that bring soothing warmth like hot tea or hot chocolate are other kitchen cupboard musts.

Soothing scents and medicated air

For a calming, nostalgic scent, add VapoPads to any Vicks Humidifier or Vaporizer. You can stock up on the menthol or lavender scents. To add extra relief from coughs, add medicated Vicks VapoSteam to warm-humidity units.

Over-the-counter medications

Acetaminophen for reducing fevers is a must-have for every medicine cabinet (especially during flu season!) And for kids 2 and older, Vicks VapoRub helps to suppress a nagging cough. To be sure, always check with your doctor.

Soft tissues

Trying your best to prevent a sore nose is always a great idea.

Family traditions

When you were a sick kid, what fond memories did your parents help you make? Snuggling together on the couch with your favorite movie? Ice cream for your sore throat? Toast with jelly and a warm cup of tea in bed? It’s the little things that can turn a bad day into a kinda sweet tradition.

Low-energy entertainment

Once that fever breaks, you may have a bundle of energy on your hands. But running out to play still won’t be an option. Have restful play ready to go: coloring books and crayons, puzzles, favorite movies, board games, and dress-up outfits.

A snuggly robe or cozy blanket

Getting wrapped up in a warm, snuggly bathrobe or blanket is like a hug, especially when mom and dad have to go to work. Plus, kids look so darn cute in them.

With the average kid getting 6 to 10 colds a year (credit: WedMD), it saves a lot of time and aggravation when you’re prepared.