Vicks offers a range of stick and non contact thermometers. Vicks stick thermometers provide fast and accurate readings for oral, rectal or underarm use. While our no-touch and non contact thermometers are gentle enough to use on a sleeping child and also provide easy, fast and precise readings.

Choosing the Right Thermometer

Non Contact & No-Touch Thermometers


Gentle enough to use on a sleeping child, our no-touch and non contact thermometers provide easy, fast and percise readings.

Vicks No-Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer is designed to be fast, gentle and easy to use. It allows you to measure forehead temperature as well as food and bath temperatures, in a quick 2 second reading with professional accuracy.

Vicks Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer
Designed to be fast and gentle, allowing you to measure body temperature as well as food and bath temperature.

Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer
This non-invasive thermometer measures the temperature in the hollow behind the ear, with clinically proven accuracy.

Stick Thermometers


Choose from one of our 6 stick thermometers for fast and accurate readings.

Vicks RapidRead Thermometer uses Precision Insight technology to accuractely provide a temperatue reading in 2 seconds.

Vicks SmartTemp Wireless Thermometer and free downloadable app make it easy to take and track temperature readings for the entire family.

Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer with SpeedRead technology, large screen display and Fever InSight feature makes taking temperatures fast.

Vicks Speed Read Thermometer provides accurate readings in only 8 seconds.

Vicks Digital Stick Thermometer makes temperature taking easier with a large display and a Fever Signal feature.