Calming Allergy Symptoms

Humidifiers and Sinus Inhalers: Calming Allergy Symptoms Down Year Round

Sneeze. Cough. Rub itchy eyes. Repeat. When you and your family live with allergies, you know this routine all too well. We all know that antihistamines help alleviate some of allergy symptoms, but did you know that moist air from Vicks humidifiers, vaporizers, and sinus inhalers can help too?

The Dry Air Issue

Depending on where you live, you may think of humidity as the enemy that makes you sweat, especially in the hot summer months. But when we use air conditioning and heat to regulate indoor temps, we end up creating dry air that could lead to discomfort by drying you’re your nasal passages. When you’re already experiencing congestion due to allergies, drying of your mucous membranes can create increased stuffiness and potentially sinusitis and nose bleeds.

Why Moist Air Is So Good

Keeping humidity levels above 40% will help your body create a healthy level of mucus in your nose and throat. And that can keep nasal tissues moist so you can blow out pathogens and allergens more easily. By alleviating nasal congestion, humidity can help with sinusitis symptoms, too.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

With Vicks Humidifiers, you not only help relieve allergy symptoms, but can help make air more comfortable to breathe, which can lead to a more comfortable sleep. To make sure you’re keeping humidity just right (between 40% and 60%), use a humidity monitor. Too little humidity, and you’re risking irritated nasal passages. If you over-humidify, you can get moisture buildup on walls, carpets, and surfaces, which can eventually lead to mold (and allergic reactions to mold!).

Beyond Humidifiers

For more personal allergy relief, the steam from a Vicks Sinus Inhaler can help temporarily alleviate allergy symptoms. In fact, 8 out of 10 people reported that steam therapy delivered effective relief!

Making Sure It’s Clean

If your humidifier’s or vaporizer’s water isn’t fresh, the air it releases may be contaminated and create problems for those with asthma and allergies (and can even trigger flu-like symptoms in healthy adults ). If water’s been sitting for days or weeks, it can have bacteria and fungus buildup – the last things you want in your family’s air. Keep your Vicks units operating at peak performance with these simple cleaning instructions.

Get Back To Breathing

Whether your family suffers from indoor or outdoor allergies, Vicks Humidifiers can help create the clean, moist, and comfy air that will help them feel better.