The Most Underrated Hack for Soothing Kids With Colds

Your kid has a cold. A real one, not an “I-don’t-think-I-should-go-to-school-today-cough-cough” cold. Poor kid. You’ll do just about anything to help them feel better.

So you launch into full parent mode and do what your mom did for you when you needed TLC. To “feed a cold,” you serve up a warm bowl of chicken soup — the original hack for soothing loved ones with colds. What else would mom do? A kiss on the forehead? Check. Is that it? Oh yeah, she’d deploy her secret weapon: the humidifier.

What do humidifiers do?

Humidifiers turn the water you put into them into warm steam or cool mist.

  • Warm steam from a Vicks warm mist humidifier provides restorative moisture that allows better breathing. Adding liquid inhalants like Vicks VapoSteam can offer next-level temporary relief from cough and congestion.
  • Cool mist will help maintain a room’s overall room temperature.

For a child suffering from a cold, warm steam will ease any dry air discomfort and allow for more comfortable sleep.

What do I need to know when shopping for a humidifier?

To find the humidifier that best suits your needs, you need to know the following:

  • How large is your child’s room? There are many varieties of humidifier models that suit small (up to 250 square feet), medium (up to 400 square feet), and large (up to 600 square feet) rooms.
  • Do you anticipate running the humidifier all night? If so, consider a humidifier with a large water tank capacity and a run time long enough that you and your child can sleep comfortably through the night worry-free.
  • Do you want a filtered or filter-free humidifier? Filtered (evaporative) humidifiers use a filter to remove minerals from the water and quietly deliver invisible moisture into the air. Filter-free (ultrasonic) models are ultra-quiet and deliver visible mist but should be used with demineralization cartridges to help prevent white dust. Compare each type’s advantages.

Get a modern humidifier

Forget the aging humidifier in the attic. When was that last cleaned? Today’s humidifiers create a comforting environment for your sick child in several ways.

For example, the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier:

● Provides warm mist to help temporarily relieve cough and cold symptoms.
● Comes with a medicine cup for use with Vicks VapoSteam.
● Accepts up to two Vicks VapoPads.
● Offers dual mist settings for maximum comfort with auto-shutoff.

These videos provide a solid introduction to the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier and how straightforward it is to clean.

Keep your child comfortable while on the road to recovery

The sooner your kid feels better, the sooner you’ll feel better. You can’t trade places with them, but you can do for them what your mom did for you. Spread the word among fellow parents. Humidifiers are a cold-soothing hack that shouldn’t be overlooked.