The 3 Scents That Soothe Almost Everyone (You Probably Can’t Guess All 3)

Whether you’re fighting a cold, feeling stressed out, or simply looking for ways to make your living space more comfortable, consider how soothing certain scents can be. Fancy spas know this —they’re in the soothing business.

If you dropped by a spa right now, what are the first things you’d notice? Probably the scented candles. Fragrant bath salts. Aromatic oils. Scents are spas’ not-so-secret soothing weapons. But which scents soothe most people? Surely one size–or scent–can’t fit all, right?

Let’s talk about three scents with long histories of being beloved for their effectiveness and favored for their pleasantness. Can you guess all three scents?

What’s cooler than menthol?

Menthol has been a medicinal staple since antiquity when humans first derived it from plants. Menthol is what gives peppermint its enjoyable, cooling zing. That sensation makes menthol a popular ingredient for shaving creams, sunburn ointments, and other products intended to soothe and comfort.

When you or your child suffer from a cold, you want powerful relief to get you back to feeling like yourself. Think of the benefits of breathing soothing, comforting menthol vapors.

Try a Vicks humidifiervaporizer, or sinus inhaler with a slot/door to accommodate Vicks VapoPads Plus Intense Cold Blasting Menthol. These particular VapoPads feature a familiar blend of menthol, eucalyptus, and essential oils that produce the Vicks scent you’ve known and loved for years.

(Don’t have a cold? Putting Vicks Soothing Menthol Vapors VapoPads in your humidifier is a great first step towards creating a tranquil oasis in your home.)

Everyone loves lavender.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans recognized lavender’s calming scent and other favorable properties. Originally found only around the Mediterranean, vast fields of the (mostly) purple flowers now decorate lands from Provence to the Pacific Northwest and charm visitors with their pleasing scent.

Over the centuries, lavender has been a key component of perfumes, medicines, and teas. Vicks Calming Menthol and Lavender VapoPads combine lavender’s calming effects with the comfort that breathing menthol vapors bring. Pop a VapoPad into a compatible Vicks humidifier, vaporizer, sinus inhaler, or plug-in to introduce calming lavender vapors into your home.

Eucalyptus: for sleepy time or any time.

Eucalyptus comes from a flowering tree native to Australia that belongs to the same family as cloves and allspice. It was used as an antiseptic in Aboriginal medicines before being integrated into other cultures’ medical traditions.

Eucalyptus’ aroma reminds some of rosemary as well as the scents described above, menthol and lavender. So it makes sense that Vicks Soothing Sleepy Time Comfort VapoPads supply a soothing combination of eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary in the form of vapors, straight from your humidifier. Treat yourself to this blend to provide a pleasant scent as the backdrop for your peaceful night’s sleep.

Scents for all sensibilities.

It’s rare for even a small group of people to agree wholeheartedly about, well, anything. But menthol, lavender, and eucalyptus have withstood the test of time. Through centuries and across cultures and civilizations, these three scents have not only survived–they’ve thrived.

Did you guess all three correctly? Fortunately, there’s no need to guess when you’re shopping at your local drugstore. Menthol, lavender, and eucalyptus-scented products are easy to find because they’re capable of providing soothing comfort when we need it most.