Kids Home Sick? Here’s the One Drugstore Purchase You Need ASAP

When one or more of your kids catch whatever bug is going around this week, you need to act quickly.

  • You want your kids to feel better as soon as possible.
  • You want to keep other members of your household from catching the bug.
  • And you need a breather to take care of other responsibilities–including your own health.

Keep this in mind: Humidifiers help create a more comfortable environment for sick kids and are as close as your corner — or online — drugstore.

A humidifier is a smart addition to a sick kid’s room.

Kids get sick — a lot. While your kid is bouncing back, you want them to be comfortable. A cold can cause congestion and coughing. A humidifier will fill your child’s room with essential moisture to soothe troubled breathing and help make restorative sleep possible. A humidifier may help break up congestion and aids in the relief of some cough and cold symptoms.

The versatile Vicks Dual Comfort Cool + Warm Mist Humidifier provides two mist temperatures that can provide temporary relief by adding necessary moisture to the air. This means that your family can rely on this humidifier during cold season, when pollen season kicks in, or when the air is simply dry.

Humidifiers are easy to buy and easy to set up.

Vicks offers a wide range of humidifiers to suit your household’s needs. But shopping for one isn’t intimidating. You won’t need to hurriedly locate a store specializing in costly, complex medical devices the next time your kids get sick. You can easily find Vicks humidifiers at your local drugstore, your favorite superstore, and online.

To select a humidifier for your kid’s room, note the room’s square footage. Then choose a humidifier with the features you want for a space of that size — features like a large water tank capacity and long run-time capability for overnight use. For a child suffering from a cold, check out warm mist humidifiers.

Once you get home, setting up and maintaining a humidifier is straightforward. If you have a warm mist humidifier, consider using yours with VapoSteam to create steam that helps to relieve coughs from colds.

Humidifiers are good for parents, too.

Good news: Your kid is getting back on their feet. Breathe a sigh of relief, then consider this: Did you know that a humidifier can contribute to your overall wellness? You know, feeling and looking good. Your own humidifier can promote more restful sleep and help keep dry skin hydrated.

While taking care of your kids, take care of yourself too. Make a humidifier part of your self-care routine.

Relief is within your reach.

Think back to your childhood: Humidifiers have been part of our lives for a long time. As kids, they created comfortable environments when we weren’t feeling our best. Now, we can share the same soothing experience with our children.