Evaporative, Filtered Cool Mist Humidifiers FAQs

Question: Why is there no mist or steam coming from my unit?

Answer: Dry air is pulled through the system and a fan disperses invisible, moisture balanced air. There is no mist emitted. When operating normally you will feel only cool air coming from the unit. Monitor the water level in your tank and base. If you notice a decrease in the water tank over 24 hours, then the unit is operating normally.

Question: How often should I change the filter?

Answer: The frequency in which the filter should be changed depends on the water in your area and how often you use your humidifier. If you notice a change in color or a slight odor, then it’s probably a good idea to change the filter. For new filters, click here.

Question: Which filter fits my humidifier?

Answer: The Protec Replacement Wicking Filter works with most Vicks® Cool Mist Humidifiers. These filters are antimicrobially treated to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Please see your humidifiers Owner’s Manual or product pages for this information.

Question: How do I care for my filter?


If mold growth is an issue, we recommend using the Protec™ Cleaning Ball or Fish in your water tank and make sure to never leave your filter sitting in the water if the unit is not on. Whenever you turn your humidifier off, remove the filter and allow it to air dry. If you have a unit with no automatic shut off, you can empty the unit and turn it on with no water in it, allowing the fan to dry the filter out.

It is completely normal for your filter to discolor with each use. Yellow, brown, or rust colored discoloration happens because the filter absorbs all the minerals out of your water. If you flip the filter, from top to bottom with each filling of the tank, you will get much more even saturation and the longest life out of your filter.

Make sure you never add any chemicals to your filter and don’t try and clean your filter with anything but cool water. Do not squeeze the filter to dry it out.

Be sure to use genuine Protec™ wicking filters that are antimicrobially treated to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

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