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Humidifier FAQs

Question: How do I set up/install my humidifier?

Answer: Please refer to the videos tab on your specific models detail page for instructions on how to get started using your humidifier. You can find this page by searching for you humidifier by name or model number found on the package, or by browsing the humidifiers page.

Question: How do I clean my humidifier?

Answer: Cleaning your humidifier varies by model. Please reference our How to Clean page for instruction videos that are specific to your model.

Question: Where can I buy Vicks humidifiers?


Vicks humidifiers can be purchased online and in-store at the following retailers:
Amazon, CVS, Fred Meyer, Meijer, Publix, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

We recommend calling ahead before visiting the store, since product assortment and inventory levels vary by location.

Question: What are the differences between the various humidifiers?


Cool Types
Evaporative – Water is wicked up from the base into a porous filter. Air blowing from the fan through the filter evaporates the moisture into the air. With evaporative humidifiers, the mist is not visible.
Ultrasonic- Water is turned into a visible mist by the nebulizer moving in the base at ultrasonic speeds.
Warm Types
Vaporizer – An electric current passing between two electrodes vaporizes the water resulting in the emission of warm steam.
Warm Mist – A heating element boils the water to produce steam.

Question: How do I order replacement parts?
Answer: To order parts for your Vicks Humidifier, please email[email protected].
Question: How do I use medication in my humidifier?

Answer: Depending on the type of humidifier, Vicks VapoSteam can be used in the medicine cup while Vicks VapoPads can be inserted into the Scent Pad door. Please look for accessory compatibility in your humidifiers Owner’s Manual, product page, or in the humidifier comparison chart.

Question: Can I use essential oils in my humidifier?

Answer: No. Adding essential oils or any other non-recommended materials in the water tank can damage the unit. Oil can erode or eat away at the plastic possibly causing the unit to malfunction.

Question: Where is the best location to place my unit?

Answer: Place the unit at least one to three feet away from walls/furniture/curtains etc. Ensure it is not placed where it could be tripped over or in a location where it could be considered a fire hazard. Be sure that it is out of reach of pets and children as the warm mist humidifiers and vaporizers create boiling to hot water.

Question: Are any of the pieces of my humidifier dishwasher safe?

Answer: This will vary between humidifiers. Please see the cleaning section of your humidifiers Owner’s Manual, this will inform you if any parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

Question: How often do I need to clean my humidifier?

Answer: The unit should be rinsed daily and thoroughly cleaned according to the Owner’s Manual weekly. The unit should also be emptied if not in use and the filter should be dried (if applicable).

Question: What is the white dust my humidifier is producing?

Answer: With some humidifiers (Impeller and Ultrasonic) the mist put out by the unit is a visible mist. These types of appliances turn the water into a mist and release it into the air. The minerals that are in the water are also in the mist being released by the humidifier. As the moisture evaporates into the air, the minerals are left behind and will settle around nearby surfaces as dust, and in most cases it is white. It is not harmful in any way; it is just the mineral contents of your water. The amount of white dust you see is directly related to the hardness of your water. To reduce the amount of white dust, use distilled or purified water or Protec Demineralization Cartridges (available for select models).

Question: Why is there condensation on my walls, ceiling, windows, etc?

Answer: The humidity level in the room or the house is too high, and the air is becoming saturated with water. We recommend waiting to use the unit until the moisture level drops or using the unit on a low setting. A hygrometer can be helpful in determining the actual room humidity and should be available at most Hardware stores.

Question: Where can I recycle this product?

Answer: For responsible recycling, please visit

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