Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier V750


Question: How do I set up/install my humidifier?


  1. Remove from box. Remove packaging material. Set aside instruction manual. Recycle packing materials or save for storage.
  2. Remove twist tie from power cord and extend power cord full length. DO NOT OPERATE WITH POWER CORD COILED OR TWIST TIE IN PLACE.
  3. Ensure proper assembly. Make sure Mist Chimney and Water Tray are securely in place and the blue latch is engaged.
  4. Select a firm, level location at least 12” (30cm) from any walls. Place the humidifier on a water-resistant surface.
    Steam should be directed away from any walls, bedding or furniture.
Question: How do I stop my unit from turning off unexpectedly?

Answer: The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier has an auto-shutoff safety feature that turns the unit off when empty.

Question: How do I reset the refill light?

Answer: When your humidifier is out of water the refill light will illuminate. Turn the humidifier off, wait 15 minutes, refill tank, and turn humidifier back on.


Question: What are the features of the V750 humidifier?

Answer: See video below for details

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