Vicks 3-in-1 SleepyTime Cool Mist Humidifier (VUL500)


Question: Why is the power light off?

Answer: If the Power Knob is turned beyond the “O” position and the power light is still off, double check to make sure your unit is plugged in and the outlet it’s plugged into has power.

Question: Why is there no mist or steam coming from my unit?

Answer: The nebulizer, or white circle, that you see in the bottom of the base vibrates at ultrasonic speeds to create the mist that this unit gives off. Minerals from your water will collect on the nebulizer and once they harden, the nebulizer slows to a pace that is too slow to create mist. Clean the nebulizer every week to ensure proper functionality. Note: When cleaning the tank or base, do not use detergent as this can impact the output. Refer to the Weekly Cleaning instructions found in your Owner’s Manual for details.

Question: What do I do if the water is overflowing from the reservoir?

Answer: If you notice water overflowing from the reservoir, check to make sure the Tank Cap is completely closed and in the lock position. If the Cap Seal isn’t attached to the Tank Cap or if you notice any cracks in the tank, please contact Consumer Relations by filling out the following form here.

Question: Why is there condensation on my walls, ceiling, windows, etc.?

Answer: If there’s condensation, then the humidity level in the room or the house is too high, and the air is becoming saturated with water. We recommend waiting to use the unit until the moisture level drops or using the unit on a low setting. A hygrometer can be helpful in determining the actual room humidity. 

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